Tuesday, 15 April 2014

ISSUE 7 - MAY 2014 - 3
The One’s To Look Out For
By NB2, 2013
Featured: Transparent Striped Bag, Two Sectioned Coloured Bangles (Set Of 3), Gem Embellished Necklaces, Knitted + Summer Hats, Striped Coloured Heels, Embossed Patterned Bangle, ‘Traveller’ Type Patterned Hair Clips, Mesh And Attached Fabric Pieces Brooch [Seen At ‘Claire’s Accessories, 2005’], Gem Embellished Earrings, Two Toned Dyed Clutch Bags, Hand Held Puffy Pouch Bag, Un-Finished Fabric Patterned Belt

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